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Announcing New Partnership With Norsk Analyse

Jun 22, 2023

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Norsk Analyse and SailPlan, two powerfully innovative companies dedicated to reducing emissions in the shipping industry.

Norsk Analyse is a leading provider of high-quality emission analyzer sensors that continuously monitor SO2, NOx,CO2, SOX, NOX, and Methane (CH4 ) onboard ships. With their expertise in analyzer technology and data analysis, they enable shipowners to accurately measure their emissions,making sustainability and fuel-saving actionable.

SailPlan, offers a cutting-edge emissions monitoring platform for ships, providing real-time data and insights to help ship owners and operators optimize their operations and reduce their carbon footprint. With an advanced analytics and cloud-based system, SailPlan helps businesses make informed decisions to improve their environmental performance and regulatory compliance.

Together, Norsk Analyse and SailPlan will offer a comprehensive solution for emissions monitoring and management in the shipping industry. By combining Norsk Analyse’s high-quality can access accurate and reliable data to inform decision-making and drive positive change. Decarbonizing the shipping industry is a tall order, and this partnership moves us one step closer to making that a reality.

We are proud to bring together these companies to further our mission to create a more sustainable and cost-effective future for the shipping industry and beyond. Our combined expertise and capabilities will enable us to deliver a comprehensive solution for emissions monitoring and management, helping ship owners and operators reduce their environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals. One vessel at a time.

Together, we will continue to drive innovation and positive change in the shipping industry and make an impact on the environment for generations to come.

Jacob Ruytenbeek, SailPlan’s Founder and CEO, will share more about this new and exciting partnership at the Decarbonizing Shipping Forum in Hamburg, Germany at the end of this month. Our efforts to impact carbon emissions are global, and our new partnership with Norsk Analyse will allow us to expand more quickly. Registration to attend the forum can be found at

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