Direct Emissions Measurement for Ships

Measure Your Stack Emissions Directly

Directly measure your ship’s stack emissions including CO2, CH4, NOx, SO2, H20, and PM through precise emissions monitors designed and certified for marine use

Accurately monitor your gCO2e/kw

It’s not just about CO2. Ship operators today must track and report their GHG footprint. Leverage SailPlan’s cloud platform to align direct GHG emissions with engine power for an easy gCO2e/kw calculation.

Understand and monitor engine health through combustion metrics

Combustion emissions are a breathalyzer for engine health. Changing emissions gas ratios or an increase of unburnt hydrocarbons are leading indicators of combustion problems. Use them for early warnings of engine problems and perform maintenance items before failure. 

Improve CII and Reduce EU ETS costs through precise emissions reporting

Many SailPlan customers over-reported CO2 emissions prior to using SailPlan. Reporting your ship’s true emissions can reduce your EU ETS and improve your CII rating quickly and easily. Read more about direct emissions and IMO DCS and EU MRV compliance.

Key Features

Real-Time Data

Real-time emissions data available on ship and in the cloud.

Energy consumption

Monitor onboard energy generation and consumption and learn what can be done to reduce it


Use Continuous Emissions Monitors (CEMS) for precise emissions measurements over a wide species of exhaust gasses.


Understand the impact of weather on emissions through modeling and real-time onboard sensing 

Understand what’s happening
with your fleet

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