SailPlan provides ports with real-time air quality monitoring and can develop emissions inventories that are a required part of the Clean Ports Program’s $3 billion climate action plan program. 

Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ports Initiative launched its $3 billion program established by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to fund efforts at ports to develop climate action plans and acquire zero-emission port equipment and technology. As a company that provides real-time air quality monitoring and emissions inventories at ports, SailPlan’s technology offers a competitive edge to help ports win this funding. 

There are two grant programs: 1) the nearly $2.8 billion Zero-Emission Technology Deployment Competition funds zero-emission port equipment and infrastructure to reduce mobile source emissions at U.S. ports, and 2) the $150 million Climate Climate and Air Quality Planning Competition will fund climate and air quality planning activities at U.S. ports — including emissions inventories, strategy analysis, community engagement, and resiliency measure identification. 

Ports seeking funding for climate plans should use SailPlan to develop their emissions inventories and verify the impact of zero-emissions equipment. SailPlans data is measured rather than calculated and provides accurate real-time data. Calculated emissions inventories only give information on emissions over a given period (usually annually) and can be inaccurate. SailPlan’s technology can help ports understand if the infrastructure is operating inefficiently or which infrastructure has the most significant impact on air quality every minute. Real-time air quality measurements are actionable, whereas calculations summarize emissions year-to-year. 

If you are interested in applying for a climate planning grant with SailPlan, contact Charlotte Runzel, Head of Government Affairs, at [email protected]

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