I am thrilled to announce that I recently had the privilege of appearing on the Epic Human Podcast hosted by Joe Blair. It was an incredible opportunity to discuss my journey as the Founder & CEO of SailPlan, the world’s first marine emissions optimization platform, and share my insights on the maritime industry’s critical issues with the podcast’s listeners.

Growing up on the beaches of South Florida, I developed a deep passion for the ocean and its conservation, which was instilled in me by my father, a lifelong boat builder and marine electrician. This early exposure to the maritime industry ultimately led me to create SailPlan, a company that uses high-resolution, real-time data to measure, report, and reduce emissions and fuel consumption in the marine sector.

During the pod, I had the chance to talk about how my unique background and experiences have prepared me for leading SailPlan. I shared how my early days working with my father, my experience as a defense contractor, and my time as a technology leader have all contributed to my entrepreneurial journey and equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the most important challenges facing the maritime industry.

I want to express my gratitude to Joe Blair for the opportunity to appear on his podcast and share my story. It was an unforgettable experience, and I hope the conversation inspired and informed listeners who are interested in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

If you want to listen to the episode and learn more about SailPlan and our mission to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in the maritime industry, visit the Epic Human Podcast at https://www.epichumanpod.com/.