We’re thrilled to announce that Maine Maritime Academy (MMA) has partnered with SailPlan to accelerate the development of intelligent vessel navigation and shoreside vessel control technologies. This partnership will advance the commercialization of cutting-edge navigational technologies for autonomous and traditionally-navigated vessels.

MMA will equip its fleet, including the autonomous 41-foot workboat R/V Quickwater with SailPlan’s intelligent navigation platform. SailPlan will provide real-time fleet location and health monitoring to MMA’s Shore Control Center, resulting in unparalleled vessel telemetry being made available shoreside. SailPlan’s cloud-based route exchange capability will allow autonomous and traditionally-navigated vessels to reduce collision risk while optimizing voyages for reduced energy usage.

SailPlan’s cloud-based platform analyzes ship performance and health in real-time for proactive management of both operational and commercial goals. This approach allows customers to understand the operational impact of navigational decisions on their fleet and to optimize those decisions for safer navigation and better commercial outcomes.

“This partnership is an example of our strategic focus on faculty research,” said Dr. Keith Williamson, MMA’s new Vice President for Academic Affairs. “It will impact the future of the industry we serve while bringing real world experience into the classroom.”

Jennifer Norwood, Assistant Professor of Marine Transportation (Photo: Maine Maritime Academy)

“I am excited for our students and for MMA,” said Jennifer Norwood, Assistant Professor of Marine Transportation. “We have the opportunity to help shape this new technology and put our students at the forefront of advanced navigation development in the maritime industry.”

“The future of safe navigation rests on digital enablement and vessel connectivity. Our partnership will accelerate the adoption of these foundational, safety-critical technologies that provide advanced collision avoidance, intelligent vessel routing, and increased insight shoreside,” said SailPlan’s CEO, Jacob Ruytenbeek. “MMA has been an incredible partner for SailPlan.”