New Orleans Public Radio just published a piece explaining SailPlan and the Greater Lafourche Port Commission (GLPC)’s new partnership to deploy emissions measurement technology throughout Port Fourchon. This work will make Port Fourchon the first port in the world to have a precise 360-degree view of its emissions. 

GLPC prides itself on playing a role in providing energy throughout the U.S. while working to enhance the environment and fulfill Louisiana’s Climate Action Plan. GLPC’s new partnership with SailPlan is a further example of its commitment to be a progressive Port that follows the lead established by its tenants and users.  

Following the rollout of the technology, SailPlan precisely measured the Port’s direct and indirect emissions and air quality data in real-time. Accurate emissions data is such an important aspect of understanding how to optimize maritime infrastructure. Port Fourchon is an example for other ports around the globe that are seeking to understand exactly where their emissions are coming from. SailPlan’s technology empowers ports and terminals to take steps to reduce their emissions.

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