SailPlan’s Head of Government Affairs joined an exclusive group at the White House’s Infrastructure Summit on June 14, 2023. The invitation is a recognition of SailPlan’s role in transforming the shipping industry with innovative world-class technology. The summit brought together eighty leaders from government, industry, academia, labor unions, and other key areas, focusing on the potential impact of the then newly-established Advanced Research Projects Agency – Infrastructure (ARPA-I) within the transportation and infrastructure sectors.

ARPA-I, recently created by Congress within the Department of Transportation, is designed to catalyze radical improvements in transportation and infrastructure. Government leaders understand that targeted investment can help the nation tackle its most pressing infrastructure challenges. ARPA-I championed the evolution of bold, high-impact transportation technologies, asserting America’s position as a global innovation leader.

SailPlan was proud to have attended the summit as an acknowledged innovator in the transportation industry. Our technology aligns perfectly with the ARPA-I ethos as our platform leverages advanced sensors and software to deliver real-time greenhouse gas data about vessels, ports, and infrastructure. 

This data enables vessels and ports to optimize operations and reduce costs. It provides vessels with fuel efficiency strategies and maintenance schedules while helping ports identify and address infrastructure inefficiencies.

SailPlan’s dramatic growth since its founding has already significantly impacted the maritime industry. We were humbled by this recognition from the White House and thrilled to have participated in such an important event.