What is the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII)?

The CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) is a metric used to measure the efficiency of a vessel over 5,000 GT in transporting goods or passengers. It measures carbon efficiency in grams of CO2 per cargo-carrying capacity and nautical mile. Vessels will receive a rating of A-E, with increasingly thresholds ratcheting upwards as every year approaching 2030. Vessels rated D or E for three consecutive years will require a corrective action plan.

From 2024 onwards, the CII must be calculated and reported to the DCS verifier, along with aggregated DCS data and any correction factors or voyage adjustments. Vessels with a D rating for three consecutive years or an E rating must update their SEEMP Part III with a corrective action plan verified before SoC issuance.

How SailPlan can help improve your CII rating

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