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for maritime decarbonization


SailPlan is the data platform for maritime decarbonization and operations. We’re also the creator of the leading maritime analytics, efficiency, and sustainability application. We enable shipowners, fleet operators, ship managers, yacht charterers, and governments to unlock strategic business outcomes powered by rich fleet data.

All of your fleet data. Available on demand.

SailPlan makes it easy to work with data from an individual ship or your entire fleet through the SailPlan cloud.

Case Studies


Improve CII and reduce EU ETS allowances

Customer overstates emissions via fuel-based estimates. Using SailPlan and direct emissions measurements, customer is able to more accurately report emissions for IMO DCS and EU MRV.

Customer saves 8-10% on EU ETS allowances while improving CII with SailPlan

Predict engine Maintenance

Engines often shows signs of trouble before they fail. SailPlan detects these changes and predicts problems before they occur. SailPlan’s data unlocked insights into engine health far beyond existing engine diagnostic tools. 

Customer plans maintenance activities and avoids catastrophic failures with SailPlan

Accurately project and reduce fuel spend

Customer’s reliance on bunkering and tank-tables as a means of calculating fuel consumption led to substantial over-reporting to key stakeholders including IMO DCS and EU MRV. Poor ROI from decarbonization investments also resulted.
Customer can more efficiently purchase fuel, reduce costs and penalties, and free up headcount to focus on other operations

Optimize engine performance

Without coordinated, time-series data and filtering, our customer struggled to compare equipment performance. Our customer was in the dark as to the actual performance of various decarbonization technologies without a means to confidently evaluate them.

SailPlan data and time slicing enabled precise analytics used to measure performance across voyages irrespective of weather conditions.

Evaluate sources of alternative power

How could HVO, biofuel, shore-power, or batteries affect your operations? What’s the ROI on each investment? We helped our customer unlock data from their fleet to quickly and easily evaluate these technologies and quantify both ROI and impact.

SailPlan identified $1m in immediate annual fuel savings through partial electrification and eliminated 5m tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Measure and mitigate methane slip

LNG-powered vessels emit methane into the air because fuel isn’t completely combusted and emissions are higher. With upcoming methane taxation under EU ETS, our customer wanted to project their tax liability and determine the effectiveness of mitigation strategies such as load-optimization or methane abatement.

Customer is using SailPlan to track methane slip and determine how to minimize methane emissions, reducing fuel costs and EU ETS methane allowances.

customer stories

SailPlan’s technology allows us to accurately measure and reduce our fleet’s emissions. We’re able to provide the real-time metrics to our charterers that demonstrate our ability to affordably run Net-Zero operations.

Shane Guidry
CEO, Harvey Gulf International Marine

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