Maritime Emissions Monitoring Platform

SailPlan helps ships measure, report, and reduce emissions and fuel consumption using high-resolution, real-time data. Find out how real-time data and direct emissions measurements can help you reduce fuel consumption, improve your CII rating, and reduce EU ETS costs.


SailPlan’s platform – Cloud API, Dashboard, and Mobile Apps – sync with Continuous Emissions Monitors (CEMS) to show real-time CO2, CH4, NOx, SO2, H20, and PM, fuel consumption, high-resolution engine data, and more. IMO DCS and EU MRV compliant.


With SailPlan, you will receive an immediate monetary and environmental ROI and identify the key emissions and fuel consumption reduction opportunities for each ship in your fleet. 


Reporting fuel and emissions data is to stakeholders from a single ship or your entire fleet is seamless. Using SailPlan’s one-click fuel and emissions reporting tool makes emissions reporting simple, easy, and effective.








High Resolution Real Time Data is Different

We understand your business because we’ve been there before.

Integrated hardware, software, and data modeling ensure affordability and scalability across your fleet without sacrificing precision.

Measurements, not estimates, of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption

OPEX and CAPEX models that fit almost any budget

SailPlan is an investment in your operation.

Simplify vessel data collection, track performance over time, and unlock savings opportunities across your operation.

SailPlan for Ships

SailPlan’s technology for ships can help reduce fuel and maintenance costs by more than $767k per year, per ship while saving over 600 metric tons of CO2.

SailPlan for Ports and Terminals

Monitor high resolution air quality and a 360 degree footprint of energy consumption and emissions across your port or terminal.


Don’t just take our word for it

“…SailPlan’s technology allows us to accurately measure and reduce our fleet’s emissions. We’re able to provide the real-time metrics to our charterers that demonstrate our ability to affordably run Net-Zero operations.”

Shane Guidry

CEO, Harvey Gulf International Marine


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